Hazing {Ranking Up}

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Hazing {Ranking Up}

Post by Atoena on Wed May 06, 2015 9:38 pm

"Every recruit eventually earns their place in the pack. In order to do so you must be initiated... You must go out into the wild for a night and survive. You are not just surviving the night however. You will be attacked by random, small, groups, of your pack-mates, appointed by yours truly. You can run, but you cannot fight back. If the recruit falls asleep or passes out during this night...they will be appointed as an omega...but if they survive...they will be given your trainee rank. It is not as easy as you may think. We call this Hazing, and you'd best be hoping that the spirit of Xiten isn't out that night."
-Dejiro, Candid Raider's 1st alpha.


To sum it up...it goes like this:

STEP ONE: You must be a recruit for 2 days. Show you're active.
STEP TWO: You will kicked out of camp for the night after your second day.
STEP THREE: You will be attacked all night by randomly timed groups of wolves from your pack.
STEP FOUR: Flee for your lives since you're not allowed to fight back.
STEP FIVE: Attempt to survive all night. Don't fall asleep. Don't be caught.
STEP SIX: Make it back to camp after the sun rises to get your new rank.

Tips to complete your Hazing successfully:
-Plan out your route while on your way into the wild. The first group of wolves will not attack until everyone is sure you're out far enough.
-Do not get into a hiding spot with only one exit. You do not want to be cornered.
-Keep moving. If you hold still too long you risk realizing how tired you are or the hazing party that may be tailing you will get closer.
-Mask your scent. Roll in anything smelly you can find while being hazed. You stick out like a sore thumb at night from your pack scent. Lose it.
-Don't try to hide with refugees. They ALWAYS will rat you out.

RESTRICTIONS (for wolves being hazed):
You Must:
Stay in the pack's territory
Don't enter the sacred grounds
You cannot call off the hazing
No going back to camp early.
No using dash (the E button)
Stay out of the river

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