The Legend of Xiten

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The Legend of Xiten

Post by Atoena on Thu May 07, 2015 6:50 pm

Xiten was the first wolf to ever set foot on this land. He guarded the entire land as his own territory, unmatched in strength, intelligence, wit, stealth, and overall ability, no one dared to approach him until one sassy fae wolf took him down in battle through exhaustion. He chased her for a week straight, nonstop... after almost passing out from exhaustion, the two halted their quarreling. shocked that someone could actually take him down, Xiten grew attached to this fae. Her name, Mizitri. They soon became lovers. He died one day, age unknown, while sitting upon his main lookout, the stone steps, when a meteorite came crashing down upon him. His spirit now haunts the lands of Xiten, harassing the packs and causing mayhem. He can kill any wolf on instant. If he sees any fighting or arguing going on in the sacred ground, he will kill you. He does not like anything hostile being near his Mizitri. If you see him, do not look him in the eye. Dip your head in respect to him and run away. He still believes he is the only wolf that is supposed to be in the lands. You have been warned.

The shrine of xiten is a massive structure with a glowing meteorite on top of it located in a high point of the sacred grounds. It is the place where Xiten died. Many wolves come to this area for guidance and to pay their respect to the spirit. Others come to become guardians of xiten...

This is Mizitri, Xitens mate. She's also known as the widow. She is well over 200 years old and seems to possess strange supernatural abilities. She can summon Xiten at will and can read the stars. She is the prophet for the packs and is not to be tampered with. She is guarded by the spirit of xiten. Laying one finger on her will result in a sudden death from xiten. Mizitri lives in the sacred grounds, a friend of all the wolves in the land, she picks wolves that she believes are worthy to be Guardians of xiten. She is the ultimate healer.

Guardians of xiten are elite wolves selected by Mizitri, the mage of xiten, to guard the sacred grounds and help protect the land. They are to keep their eyes out for the spirit of xiten when he decides to terrorize the packs, for they and Mizitri are the only wolves who can make him cease his mischief. They have a very ominous howl. Its almost double toned and trails on more than a normal howl. If you hear a guardian howl, the spirit of xiten is out and about. They are not to be harmed, you will be beaten to death if attacking one. If Mizitri chooses you to be a Guardian of xiten, you will spend one night sitting still on the shrine of xiten, motionless, staring at the full moon until your pupils disappear at the rise of the sun. You do not go blind. This is enhanced vision. To see the supernatural before it becomes visible to regular wolves. If, by morning, you are not dead or asleep, the spirit of xiten has approved of Mizitri's choice in you. If he does not approve of your appointing, he will attack you. It's suggested to run.

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